Transitions are like shifting gears in a car. Sometimes we need to accelerate and at other times we need to shift to a lower gear. Learning to make smooth transitions is an important skill.  So, whether you are graduating from high school or college,  getting married, becoming a homeowner, starting a new job, moving to a new state, or becoming a parent. Here are three steps to making good transitions:


Embrace It. Transitions are a part of this adventure called life. We can’t hide from them and we can’t outrun them. Transitions happen, so the best thing to do when a transition shows up is to embrace it. I’d say God uses transitions in life for our benefit; they’ll make us grow and allow us to discover more of God’s plan for us. So next time a transition shows up at our doorstep, let’s welcome it and embrace it.


Remain Flexible. No matter how well we’re prepared, there are always unknown variables that come up in a transition time. If we’re too rigid, we’ll snap under pressure, and that’s why we must be willing to be flexible with our plans. Flexibility creates openness in the midst of difficulties and it allows us to maintain the right perspective. Besides, most things in life don’t go exactly as planned, and this is especially true in transitions, so decide early on to be flexible.


Be Gracious. Transitions are a breeding ground for mistakes and failures. Don’t worry about making mistakes and remain gracious in the process. C.S. Lewis said,

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”

We make mistakes and so do others. But instead of allowing them to hold us back, with God’s help we can use them as stepping stones on the road to achievement. To do this, we must move forward by extending grace to ourselves and to those we’re transitioning with. Biblically speaking, grace is unmerited favor, and as believers, we’re all recipients of God’s unmerited favor toward us — while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Let’s not forget that, and let’s allow grace to reign in the midst of our transitions.

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