The Perceived Centrality of Spirituality in Athletic Competition

Click on the link above to access my dissertation on the perceived centrality of spirituality in athletic competition.

This quantitative study utilized survey research methodology. A total of 65 student-athletes were approached and the first 53 athletes who provided an email address were invited to participate in the study. The findings indicated that a key correlation was held across demographic stratum. Participants perceived Christian spirituality to be central in athletic competition. Additionally, the study found that prayer after an athletic contest represented a statistically significant correlate (r = .40; p = .003) and predictor of the centrality of spirituality in athletic competition.

Coach’s Clinic: Overcoming Adversity

This 14-minute tutorial helps coaches coach athletes through sports-related failures and difficulties. The principles are not limited to the athletic context but can be applied to various areas of life and leadership. The resource can also be accessed here.