How Beneficial is Juicing?

Some of the common claims about the benefits of juicing include weight loss, boosting the immune system, cleansing the body from toxins and the prevention of certain illnesses. However, according to Thalheimer (2016),

“…science doesn’t back up those claims. But that doesn’t mean drinking a fresh glass of fruit-and-vegetable juice is a bad idea” (p. 3).

Here are a few things every athlete should take into account when it comes to juicing:


  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.
  2. It is a proven fact that people who eat them are likely to be healthier; 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables a day is recommended.
  3. Juicing makes fruit and vegetable intake easy and efficient.


  1. Most juicing methods remove pulp and fiber – both are important for a healthy diet.
  2. Sugars in juices enter the bloodstream quicker than sugars in whole foods.
  3. The extra calories in sugars can lead to weight gain.

Overall, the benefits of juicing outweigh the pitfalls. When incorporated into a healthy diet, juicing can boost an athlete’s energy and provides an alternative to synthetic energy boosters.

Natural Pre-Workout Boost

  • 5 large organic kale leaves
  • 1 pound of organic carrots
  • 1 organic Meyer lemon
  • 1 organic Fuji apple


Thalheimer, J. (2016). The Truth About Juicing. Environmental Nutrition, 39(9), 3.

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