Core Values


Since integrity is the state of being made whole, then as a Christians we understand that Jesus has taken our brokenness and made us whole people. As a new creation in Christ, this wholeness has not only shaped our inner being, but it works itself out in how we live our life. C.S. Lewis said,

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

This value creates consistency, cohesion, strength, honesty, and truthfulness into how we live for God and others.


Generosity is the capacity to give more than we take. In our organization, we seek to reflect God’s generous nature. His forgiveness is matchless and His love is limitless. His grace is amazing and His mercies are new every morning. The more we reflect on God’s generosity toward us, the more we want generosity to shape how we live life in the world and with others.


Our good friend and mentor, Dr. Ingle, said

“Discipline is the systematic management of your life to prepare and position you for your divine design.”

We believe God uses discipline to bring out the very best in us. As we allow God to use discipline in our life it leverages our gifts, abilities, relationships, finances, and health to fulfill our mission in life.


God values courage and he knows that our mission in life cannot be attained without courage. He says,

“Be strong and courageous.”

Living a courageous life doesn’t mean living without fear, it means moving forward despite fear. Of equal importance is that courage doesn’t eliminate the possibility of failure. We refuse to allow the fear of failure to keep us from fulfilling our mission. Instead, we choose courage and embrace risk. Courage and risk create the possibility of success.


Compassion was a central theme in the mission of Jesus. If we want to stay true to our mission, the same compassion that motivated God to send his son to earth must be at the core of who we are as a Christ Followers. Compassion for people allows us to see humanity from God’s perspective.


We are convinced that because God has created us, he has given us a mission to fulfill. As a result, we have the potential to influence the world for His Kingdom. Our lives touch a variety of people beginning with our immediate family to those who we coach and teach. Our passion is to influence their lives so that they will develop a greater hunger for knowing God and serving him.