Advance – Never Shrink Back!

Discouragement. We’ve all been there. Those times in life when disbelief begins to set in like a thick fog and faith in a better and brighter future becomes harder to see.

However, whether the source of our discouragement is a difficult relationship, a financial crisis or an overwhelming life situation, shrinking back is never the right option because in Christ we are more than conquerors. That’s why the right course of action is always forward. We must advance, push through, gain ground, and never shrink back.

I’ve noticed that often people give up and throw away their confidence when they lose perspective. They focus on the wrong things and forget about the right things. Here are three simple steps that will always help us maintain the right perspective and advance into a brighter future:

Step One: Remember what God has done in the past. Remembering God’s faithfulness to us will plant our thoughts where they need to be; God’s absolute faithfulness.

Step Two: Resolve to live with resolute faith in God. A single-minded commitment to live by faith in God is courageous living at its best. It pleases God and unlocks God’s best for us each day.

Step Three: Route fear and discouragement by running toward God. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, we won’t get distracted or discouraged. We’ll maintain the right perspective and we’ll gain ground, overcome, and advance into the future God has for us.

Never allow discouragement to get the best of you. Don’t throw away your confidence, because “we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved” (Heb. 10:39).

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