Never Underestimate Your Team

We are often too easily impressed by the size of an organization, the roster of a professional sports team, the experience of a leader, or the outer appearance of a person. While these qualities can certainly indicate what an organization, team, or person are capable of doing, we should never limit someone’s potential to their size, resume, or looks.

I was reminded of this enduring truth recently in a game of pick-up basketball. A player approached me and asked if I’d like to be the fifth player on their squad. Looking at his height, I reluctantly agreed to play, thinking to myself that perhaps the other players on the team would be taller – giving us a better chance of winning the game. As it turned out at 6’1″ I was the tallest player on the team, and our opponents towered over me. From the outset of the game, I didn’t give us much of a chance to win – basketball is after all not a short man’s game, or is it?

That afternoon, I was shocked when my four short teammates knocked down three-point shots like they were going out of style. In fact, their shooting talent was so impressive that the guys who were up next to play, were beside themselves cheering for the underdog squad. We won the game, earned the respect of those on the sidelines, and I was reminded to never underestimate any team based on their size.

When it comes to almost every area of life, the principle of not judging a book by its cover holds true. This is certainly true when it comes to our faith. The Old Testament figure, Gideon, and his army went up against massive odds in battle and came out victorious. David, who later became the king of Israel, literally took out a giant and in an afternoon went from teenager to national hero.

Bigger may be better in some areas of life, but we should never underestimate the potential of a team or a person, especially when God is given the platform to unlock the potential within. Our team, might not have the size, the resources, or even the experience, but with God’s help, even the most daunting odds can be overcome. Take heart, stay the course, and never underestimate the potential within your team. In fact, with God at the helm, your team will likely cause a major upset and walk off the court with a big win.

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