Adapting to Change

Sometimes the changes we face in life can be difficult. These changes can look like transitioning into a new work environment, to becoming first-time parents, to relocating to a new zip code, let alone a transatlantic move into a new culture. Along life’s adventure, there is a myriad of changes that will test, stretch and challenge us, but the key component to success is how well we adapt to the changes we face.

Recently I was listening to a podcast titled It’s Not As Bad As You Think by the Irish-born preacher Philip De Courcy. The message took a look at the classic biblical character of Joseph. Though Joseph experienced great successes, his life was shaped by a continual process of adjusting to (difficult) changes. When things didn’t go as planned, Joseph was able to move forward by adapting. I like the way, De Courcy contextualized it:

The key to success in life is how well we adapt to Plan B. The trouble with some of us is that we’re still working on Plan A. Plan A is where we make a million, our child becomes the Valedictorian, where everyone loves us, and nobody hates us…Life is a continuous process of getting used to the things we don’t expect.

God used Joseph’s ability to adapt and elevated him from the dungeon and put him in a position to lead Egypt out of a national crisis.

Adapting to change is an enduring truth that God uses to this day. The most successful marriages, families, athletes, sports teams and business professionals are the ones that rise to the occasion and adapt to change in their various contexts. This might be one of the reasons why the author of Hebrews reminds to

Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children.

Next time you find yourself facing a change, maintain your poise, remember that God is at work in your life, and don’t forget that life is a continual process of adapting to the unknowns.

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